Fee Policy

1. Fee is payable on Three Monthly, Six Monthly / Annual Basis.

2. All Fee and Funds are Non Refundable.

3. Fee can be deposited online through Bank, Bank Drafts or in Cash.

4. Fee must be deposited by the 15th of the month preceding the new term.

5. A Late Fee Fine of Rs. 100/- per day may be imposed for the First ten days and Rs. 500/- per day up to the 5th of next month where after the cadet’s name will be struck off the Rolls and Readmission fee may be charged. Cases of Ill discipline, Lying Stealing, Use of abusive language and Immoral conduct will also be penalized.

6. All Fees and Funds  are subject to revision to offset the inflation due to, ever increasing costs of Electricity, Fuel, Alternate power Generation and services expenses and rising costs of all commodities.

7. Any increase shall be made only when absolutely essential and would depend upon the factors mentioned above to be decided by the College Managing Committee which will be binding.

8. Parental cooperation is solicited in maintaining and enhancing the college standards, quality of education and various facilities.

9. No Cadet will be allowed to appear in Term or Board Exams unless his fees are paid upto date.

10. Name of any Cadet absenting from College consecutively for seven days with out any application may be struck off College Rolls. Re-admission is subject to approval of College Managing Committee.

11. Concession cases seeking premature withdrawal will be charged at full rate of fee.

12. The College Management reserves all the rights to make changes/ amendments in the College Prospectus and Rules and Regulations as and when necessary. Parents are requested to update them selves about such changes which are notified also on the College Website.