Academic System


At the end of each grading period / term, a comprehensive report is sent to the parent(s) of each cadet. An interim report is sent if there is evidence of exceptional achievement or difficulty. Parents/ Guardians may write or call their teachers concerned at any time to receive updates on their son’s / wards academic progress.


One of our many aspirations is our commitment to the spiritual development of a young man. This will remain constant at Cadet College Ghora Gali Murree. Our cadets attend religious services and offer prayers five times a day and because of our commitment, our campus KHATEEB acts as our full time Religious Teacher. Boys with other faith traditions are welcomed at Cadet College Ghora Gali Murree and we believe that exposure to other religions can be an important element in moral and ethical growth.
Islamiat is taught to be compulsory subject in all classes. The morning assembly opens with recitation from Holy Quran, followed by Urdu / English translation and explanation. The religious teacher leads the prayers and teaches NAZRA QURAN in the afternoon. Qirat and Naat competitions are the regular features. Provision is made in the order of the day for offering NAMAZ five times a day. Religious motivation is a regular feature.
Religious education has been an essential piece of the Cadet College Ghora Gali Murree’s experience. The founders believe that a solid religious foundation is necessary in order to build the moral and ethical character that must be required of any sound educational endeavor. Hence, spiritual growth is one of the key values of College.
Spiritual growth means first that cadets hear and learn the Verses from Holy Quran and know about God who has created us, all that we see, Who revealed Himself to humanity and sent His message through His Prophets for the betterment and peace of mankind. It is in and through the hearing of these verses repeated in the Mosque; cadets have the opportunity to know God and in so doing opens them to true spiritual growth which enables them to become the moral and ethical people they are meant to be.
To help with this process each cadet participates in religious services which are exercised in the campus Mosque. Cadets attend services several times during the week, in addition to Friday Celebrations.
Religious Services held at Cadet College Ghora Gali Murree are geared toward participation. Cadets not only attend, but are also inspired with divine verses of Holy Quran. Participation coupled with support and direction helps cadets to gain a better understanding of the Islamic approach to the role of God and religion in their lives.

  • Beautiful campus Mosque
  • All people are welcome to attend Mosque.
  • Daily Preaching and instruction
  • Cadet khateeb Assistants.
  • Opportunity for cadets to attend a Mosque of their Sect on Friday.

We use the military environment for order, structure, and the development of individual responsibility and leadership skills. We recognize and reward our cadets with military like ranks and decorations. Our desire is to motivate young men and to recognize their achievements.

The Mission of Cadet College Ghora Gali Murree is to provide each Cadet with the opportunity to grow spiritually, morally, intellectually, and physically in a structured learning environment.