The primary aim of education is to equip a person to face the challenges of life. Considering the multidimensional form of human Existence as well as the impact of modern scientific and technological advances on our lives, the business of so equipping ourselves has become increasingly complex and is likely to be even more so in times to come. We owe it to our future generations to put them through a system of carefully planned and supervised education to enable them to confidently meet the challenges that await them.
Cadet College Ghora Gali has been established to serve this very purpose, with a clear vision of a sound, well - rounded education and of the requirements of the intellectual and moral development of its cadets according to the teachings of Islam. The institution has been established to provide an environment conducive to learning and purposeful study free from extraneous distractions by offering a comprehensive program of classroom instruction, extra curricular activities and supervised Hostels with a number of other in built facilities.
Admission Office:
Office No. 7B, 1st floor, Kandoor Plaza, F-10 Markez, Islamabad
Phone: +92-51-9269230, 9269231, 9269232, 9269233
Mobile:03009565458, 0333-6948819, 0333-6944944
Campus Office:
Cadet College Ghora Gali, Taleem Nager, Sunny Bank Murree
Phone: +92-51-9269230-33, +92-66854855
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